GRD designs retail stores for both large and small retailers and our specialty is “bang for buck” and our goal is to create stores that both “look good” and “sell goods”. With our client’s input we collaboratively create stores that come in on time and within budget while fulfilling your retail vision.
GRD can provide any combination of the services listed below to best suit your particular requirements. An initial meeting or conversation will determine the scope of work required and we can then provide a fee range. If you have an existing store that simply needs an upgrade we typically request pictures of the store and a wish list of changes that you would like to see. These might include signage, finishes and colors, fixtures, layout, lighting, etc. We then mutually determine your design requirements so we can put together a game plan and a budget.
On new stores or remodels, our typical scope of work includes:
1. Concept Review
2. Budget Analysis
3. Store design and merchandising consultation as required.
4. Design documents including:
a. Floor and fixture plans
b. Lighting plans
c. Interior elevations & renderings
d. Custom fixture details and specifications
e. Color and material specifications
f. Video and sound planning
g. Visual merchandising review and planningGrant Retail Design Services
h. Web site analysis and in-store interactivity
5. Graphics, branding and logo review and design
6. Provide and review equipment and display bids
7. Coordinate architectural plans and prices
8. Review General Contractors bids and contracts
9. Design consultation through completion

We also work with our clients to insure that the product merchandising is consistent with the design of the shop. Why design a great looking shop and then have the merchandise displayed improperly?
In addition many of our clients look to our design staff for their experience in the field. We have been designing stores since 1981 and every year we “touch” hundreds of stores in every retail category. If you have a question about store design, display or construction we can usually provide an answer

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