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What We Do

GRANT RETAIL DESIGN can provide any combination of the services to best suit a client‘s particular requirements. An initial meeting or conversation will usually be sufficient to determine the scope of work required and will allow us to give the client a fee range.

1)If our client has an existing store that simply needs an upgrade we typically ask for pictures of the store and a wish list of changes that they would like to see. These might include signage, finishes and colors, fixtures, layout, lighting, etc. We then mutually determine if you need a site visit so we can pull together a game plan and a budget or if we can help you with the project from our offices in La Jolla.

2) If our clients are planning a remodel or are leasing a new store we help them create realistic budgets and time lines for their stores design and construction and prepare design drawings that include:

  • Storefront design, windows and signage
  • Interior layout including placement of the counters, dressing rooms, window display, fixtures and more.
  • Specification and design of display fixtures and equipment
  • Colors and finishes including paint, flooring, ceilings and wall and fixture materials
  • Lighting plans for the retail area, dressing rooms and back room
  • Traffic flow analysis tied to merchandise planning
  • Video and audio plans including computer related interactive merchandising
  • In store graphics and brand development
3) We also work with our clients to insure that the product merchandising is consistent with the design of the shop. There is no point in designing a great looking shop and then having the merchandise displayed improperly. In addition many of our clients look to our design staff for their experience in the field. We have been designing stores since 1981 and every year we “touch” hundreds of stores in every retail category. If you have a question about store design , display or construction we can usually provide an answer.

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