Jeff Grant is a dynamic and entertaining lecturer who has given hundreds of seminars nationwide on store and planning. He combines a collegial speaking style with strong visuals in a lecture that both informs and entertains. If you would like to book Mr. Grant for a seminar or for more information please contact:

Jeff Grant
Phone: 619-208.7527


Mr. Grant’s Retail Seminars include:

Landlords & Leases: How your lease can make or break your retail venture.

The “Location, Location, Location” Cliché Exposed: Investigating the myths and realities of store loca- tion and how to find the perfect spot for your new business.

Storefront Seduction: A lesson on how to draw customers into your store through the effective use of signage and window displays.

Investing In Experience: Exploring the advantages of hiring a retail designer for maximum profitability and how pick the right designer for your retail vision.

Effective Traffic Control: Using counter and display placement to maximize traffic flow in your store.

Value Driven Fixtures and Displays: Insider information on how to save thousands of dollars on your store displays and fixtures.

Putting Some Light On The Subject: How to design store lighting for maximum impact.

Not Just A Purchase, But An Experience: A visual review of fun, interesting and exciting merchandising and display techniques that will keep customers in your store—and keep them buying!

Sensory Perception: How to utilize video, sound, scent and graphics to create a truly unique (and profitable!) retail environment.

Outwitting The Web: An introduction to the use of your website in your store. and much more…….

Note that every seminar is tailored to the retail category represented.

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