GRANT Design Project: DVI Home Theater

Todd Languis, the owner of a growing Orange County, California-based home entertainment company, the decision to open a showroom was easy. “I had been working out my garage, but my customers needed to see the installation how it might look in their home,” said Mr. Languis.

Mr. Languis found GRANT Display through a Google search, liked what he saw, and contacted owner/head designer Jeff Grant. The design challenge was to create a different installation for several varied scenarios in the showroom space. Mr. Languis wanted to show his workmanship in kitchen, conference room, home office, and family room environments.

Jeff and the design team crafted a lay-out strong on aesthetics, with clean open sight lines and a welcoming home-style ambience. Oddly enough, the toughest part was choosing the color palette.

When the DVI Home Theater showroom opened late last year, it paid dividends immediately. “The showroom boosted business seventy percent,” said Mr. Languis. “One of the major concerns my customers have is how to use the equipment, how it works when it’s installed. Our display puts it into the context.” When GRANT spoke to him, DIV Home Theater had just landed a $735,000 commercial installation job. Not bad for a business that operated out of a garage only twelve months ago.

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