GRANT Design Project: NFL 49ers Team Store

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America’s appetite for football expresses itself in, among other things, the bottomless consumption of team memorabilia. (Giant foam finger anyone? A life-size adhesive vinyl wall graphic perhaps?) NFL teams across the nation are tapping this rich vein through team stores. These team stores, usually located onsite at the stadium, carry jerseys, hats, signed memorabilia, and other items.

GRANT has designed NFL team stores for the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears, so it wasn’t surprising when the San Francisco 49ers came calling. “We didn’t have a walk-in location, and we wanted to improve the fans’ shopping experience,” said Scott Justice, 49ers Operations Manager. Justice had seen projects GRANT had designed for the New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giants, and that led to the call.

The specs called for a novel 2000 square-foot design to be built right in the stadium parking lot using a tent-like exo-structure surrounding inner partitioning and fixture and displays.

The GRANT design team, using plenty of gold, burgundy, and black, the team colors, plotted an aggressive layout optimized for speed of service. Included were six POS stations fronted by a two-level build-out combining acrylic bins to hold impulse buys and programs.

Slatwall anchors the wall displays. The client chose slatwall for its flexibility—ready-made slatwall accessories are available for apparel, gifts, books, jewelry, housewares, and more in many different finishes. The design team chose a wood-tone Formica finish in “Vosges Pear,” a medium-brown that goes well with gold.

Bumped-out columns break up the broad expanse of slatwall to create interest. A custom video display sits at one end of the lozenge-shaped store—the monitor rests on a glassed showcase featuring video product. To keep the floor display lively, the design team plotted a mix of gondolas, pinwheels, and nested tables (in powder-coated black) finished in the team colors. Track lighting with metal halide bulbs (for efficiency, longevity, and color rendition) spotlights featured products while low-bay lighting does the heavy lifting with the ambient light.

The 49ers team store will officially open in the first week of August, just in time for the start of exhibition season, and hopefully, a serious run at the NFC West crown.

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