GRANT Design Project: Miss Trendy

La Jolla, California, is an exclusive zip code, even for Southern California. The downtown is a warren of high-digit boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants vying for well-heeled local and non-local dollars alike. The ambient La Jolla store design and fixturing is effective and competitive. It was in this environment that the owner approached GRANT to design her new high-end women’s fashion boutique, “Miss Trendy.”

“The owner wanted to go sleek and contemporary, as you might expect with high-end women’s clothing,” said GRANT Store Designer Bill Mondigo. “The project didn’t require much space design, but fixturing was key, so we needed to come up with something unique for the wall display.” That something was a pre-fabricated puckwall-like system (pictured) engineered to facilitate quick and easy fixture changes. Side-hangs and face-outs made the system flexible and the satin finish gave it the modern look the owner was after.

A smart mix of four-ways and standard shoulder-out racks economized on floor space. An ornate wrought-metal glass-topped showcase adds another display element to the floor environment and presents complementary jewelry to its best advantage. All work together to make Miss Trendy an up-tempo but relaxed shopping experience.

You can find Miss Trendy at 1298 Prospect Street, Suite B, La Jolla, California, 92037.

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