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Budgeting for Your Retail Space
Jeff speaks on the importance of budgeting for your new retail space. Regardless of whether you’re opening a single location
or preparing to start a chain, this video is your key to planning for any store.Retail Design Video

Store Planning 3.0 Retail Design Book
Jeff Grant

This book is a nuts and
bolts approach to the planning and design of a newstore. The author has experience in store planning, fixturing, and negotiation.



The Retailer’s Guide to Holiday

POP Goes the Impulse Buy

Preparing for the Post-Holiday
Retail Rush

Enlighten Me: Lighting Your Store
of Smell

Designing and Building a Retail
Store for a Pro Sports Team

Case Studies on Retail Design

O.C. Choppers Rides into Retail

Design Project: DVI Home Theater

Design Project: Girl Scouts
of California

Design Project: NFL 49ers
Team Store

Design Project: Miss Trendy


Post-Holiday Retail: An Opportunity To Post Profits

Leasing: A Great Way to Acquire
Store Fixtures and More

So What Do You Do Now?

Get Creative for a Healthy 2008
Holiday Season

Top Six Ways to Start a Retail Store on a Budget

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