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Designing Retail Space

GRANT RETAIL DESIGN is a “retail only” design firm servicing clients around the globe. We work with large and small clients that range from start-ups to established firms. Our goal is always the same, to provide our customers with a store that “looks good, sells goods and hits the budget and time frame”.

It‘s our belief that in this economic climate and in the web based world we live in, the stores of today have to be different than the stores of the past. To that end GRANT works with their clients to create branded stores that combine great design and fixtures with color, sound, graphics, video and in some cases Internet connectivity to fulfil your retail vision.

We want to create unique and compelling stores that will become your customers favorite place to shop.

Fee’s start at $1,000 to design your store. For a free estimate of design fees please fill in the 10 questions shown below.

Major Clothing Retail Store
bath store design Store Fixtures and Set up Custom Wrap Counter

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